What is Americana Music Times?
Texas Music Times Media Limited Liability Company (LLC) was formed in 2006 with the mission of promoting Texas and Americana Music. Business lines for the company will eventually include a monthly newsprint entertainment magazine with regional focus, promotion of music fests and concert series, and executive and venture production of artist projects. Other business lines are possible as the company brand develops.

What is the mission of Americana Music Times?
Promote great Americana music by promoting the artists who make it, the businesses that make it happen, and the fans who make it work.

Who is the driving force behind Americana Music Times?
Americana Music Times is the creation of Henry Keith Howerton of San Antonio. After 21 years of service as an active duty US Army officer, Keith founded Texas Music Times to become involved in something he loved. TMT evolved into Americana Music Times. The love of the “Americana Music Scene” as it is defined by the artists, business community, and fans, is the motivation behind the various projects and is the foundation of the company. Along with this wife Rebecca, Keith founded the company to invest his money and energy in the promotion and coverage of great Americana music.

Who is the editor of Americana Music Times?
With Keith Howerton very busy with other activities, Steve Circeo has been the acting editor-in-chief since 2010.