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Reviews of Americana music.

VIDEO: Thunderhead — “Lost In Space”

Thunderhead - Black Magic

Thunderhead is where I am musically right now. Raw power. Emotional grit. Unpolished beauty. Yes, Barry Andrew Madison, aka Thunderhead, who is based in Seattle, is playing right into my wheelhouse, and he’s sucking me into his universe like a…

VIDEO: Debut album coming in June from BIG HOAX

Big Hoax by Leah Huete

Big Hoax out of the Baltimore area is set to release their debut album in June. There will undoubtedly be Avett Brothers comparisons, but listen beyond that to the depth of sound, the thoughtfulness of the songwriting. Check out the videos below for a couple of songs that will be on the album.

VIDEO: Leland Sundries – MAPS OF THE WEST

Leland Sundries

Check out this Leland Sundries video for their song “Maps Of The West” from their upcoming debut album, MUSIC FOR OUTCASTS. The album will be released on June 3, 2016, and is already getting buzz all over the place. But not here. We don’t really do “buzz”, and you love us for that, right?

VIDEO: Rod Melancon Releases New EP

Rod Melancon - LA 14

One of Americana Music Times’s favorite artists, Los Angeles-based Rod Melancon, has released a new EP, LA 14. Still working with producer Brian Whelan, formerly Dwight Yoakum’s guitarist, LA 14, returns to Melancon’s country roots, but still rocks out, as you’ll hear when you listen to “Perry” below. The songwriting on LA 14 is as good as we expect from Melancon, who continues to spin finely crafted tales born of the Louisiana swamps that he calls home.

Grand Ole Austin at SXSW 2016!

Brian Whelan

Where were you on March 17, 2016? I was at Maria’s Taco Xpress, where I took in this year’s Grand Ole Austin showcase, which Julie Richmond of Carolina Chickadee Presents and Kim Grant of KG Music Press have put on every year for the past few. I had to leave at 7:30pm to head back to San Antonio for another show, but the eight hours I spent at this showcase proved to me, once again, that Richmond and Grant know how to spot talent.

Jack Cade to release new album on Collision Music in April

Jack Cade

Jack Cade once said, “I’ve always thought of myself not as a singer but someone who talks with style, and I write and play simple songs because that’s the way they come out.” Yeah, man. He really nailed his essence with that statement. Check out the first video from his upcoming album.


Leland Sundries

Every now and then we experience a strange confluence of (1) someone sending us some cool music and (2) our having time and motivation to post it right away. This one of those times! Check out this new song, “Studebaker”, by Brooklyn-based LELAND SUNDRIES. Once…

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Been At Folk Alliance International 2015

Mt. Veritas Orchestra

Folk Alliance International is not a gathering of hippies communing with nature, smoking grass, and plucking acoustic guitars, singing about the environment or the administration and how mankind is doomed unless we give up meat and start hugging trees. To be fair, there is some of that, but the music at FAI is diverse and plentiful enough to satisfy any lover of good music.