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VIDEO: K Phillips in the Jam in the Van!

K Phillips Jam In The Van

The Jam in the Van guys are really on a roll recently. They featured Rod Melancon a few weeks ago, and now they are all over one of our long-time favorites, K Phillips. We knew K when he was still struggling to find his voice, toiling away as a sideman (primarily with Javi Garcia). Nowadays, of course, K is touring the USA with Counting Crows and Rob Thomas.

Nick Naillon: 1988-2016

Nick Naillon by Steve Circeo

Well, damn, we regret that we have to report another death in the family. Nick Naillon, a friend of Americana Music Times for its entire existence, was taken from this earth on August 15th.

First single from the new K PHILLIPS record is here!

K Phillips at 502 Bar in San Antonio, Texas, March 19, 2016

You know we at AMT have been fans of K Phillips for many years now, so it’s good to see the rest of the world hopping on board. Touring with Counting Crows will do that for an act, and we couldn’t be happier for K!

An Interview with Lee Harvey Osmond

Lee Harvey Osmond

Aside from being a prolific musician, Lee Harvey Osmond, a.k.a. Tom Wilson, is a poet, a painter, and a soon-to-be published author whose creative juices always seem to be flowing. A conversation with him is like riding a rollercoaster: lots of twists and turns, ups and down, frightening and fun all at the same time. Jim Villanueva recently spoke with him about scars – beautiful and otherwise – and just about everything else under the sun.

VIDEO: Rod Melancon Releases New EP

Rod Melancon - LA 14

One of Americana Music Times’s favorite artists, Los Angeles-based Rod Melancon, has released a new EP, LA 14. Still working with producer Brian Whelan, formerly Dwight Yoakum’s guitarist, LA 14, returns to Melancon’s country roots, but still rocks out, as you’ll hear when you listen to “Perry” below. The songwriting on LA 14 is as good as we expect from Melancon, who continues to spin finely crafted tales born of the Louisiana swamps that he calls home.

VIDEO: Alan Lomax Centennial at Folk Alliance International 2015

Graham Weber

I was honored to be asked by the Library of Congress to film, record, and edit the Alan Lomax Centennial Challenge at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City in February 2015. After making their way through rolls of government red tape, the…


The Acousticals | Photo by Geoffrey Sutton.

I just now stumbled upon this band — The Acousticals, which currently comprise Richie Reinholdt on guitar & vocals, Chad Fadely on mandolin, and Britt Arnesen on bass & vocals — after seeing a post from Britt Arnesen on Facebook…

Grand Ole Austin at SXSW 2016!

Brian Whelan

Where were you on March 17, 2016? I was at Maria’s Taco Xpress, where I took in this year’s Grand Ole Austin showcase, which Julie Richmond of Carolina Chickadee Presents and Kim Grant of KG Music Press have put on every year for the past few. I had to leave at 7:30pm to head back to San Antonio for another show, but the eight hours I spent at this showcase proved to me, once again, that Richmond and Grant know how to spot talent.

Jack Cade to release new album on Collision Music in April

Jack Cade

Jack Cade once said, “I’ve always thought of myself not as a singer but someone who talks with style, and I write and play simple songs because that’s the way they come out.” Yeah, man. He really nailed his essence with that statement. Check out the first video from his upcoming album.