VIDEO: Ordinary Elephant – “Best Of You”

I don’t really know anything about anything — as you well know, if you’ve read any of my stuff — but I do know that this is good. One of my friends posted it on Facebook this morning. (One of my friends irl, btw, who is also a Facebook friend.)

I haven’t explored Ordinary Elephant beyond this video, but I wanted to get it out to you, so you can check it out, brighten your day.

Okay, wait, when I went to their website to add the link in the last paragraph, I learned a bit more, such as they have an album coming out in 2017, and another that was released in 2013. You can buy the 2013 release, DUSTY WORDS & CARDBOARD BOXES, at Bandcamp, as I just did.

And now I see they are playing in San Antonio, where I am, on December 8, with Michael Waid, who is, apparently not coincidentally, the guy who posted the video I saw on Facebook earlier today. See how that works?