Month: May 2016

VIDEO: Debut album coming in June from BIG HOAX

Big Hoax by Leah Huete

Big Hoax out of the Baltimore area is set to release their debut album in June. There will undoubtedly be Avett Brothers comparisons, but listen beyond that to the depth of sound, the thoughtfulness of the songwriting. Check out the videos below for a couple of songs that will be on the album.

An Interview with Lee Harvey Osmond

Lee Harvey Osmond

Aside from being a prolific musician, Lee Harvey Osmond, a.k.a. Tom Wilson, is a poet, a painter, and a soon-to-be published author whose creative juices always seem to be flowing. A conversation with him is like riding a rollercoaster: lots of twists and turns, ups and down, frightening and fun all at the same time. Jim Villanueva recently spoke with him about scars – beautiful and otherwise – and just about everything else under the sun.

VIDEO: Leland Sundries – MAPS OF THE WEST

Leland Sundries

Check out this Leland Sundries video for their song “Maps Of The West” from their upcoming debut album, MUSIC FOR OUTCASTS. The album will be released on June 3, 2016, and is already getting buzz all over the place. But not here. We don’t really do “buzz”, and you love us for that, right?

VIDEO: Haunted Windchimes new album out on May 13th

Haunted Windchimes

Pueblo, Colorado’s Haunted Windchimes will release their 6th album, RATTLE YOUR BONES, on May 13, 2016. For a taste, check out the video for the song “Sun Shining Bright”. This is truly Americana. Dig the simple instrumentation and beautiful harmonies…